Jim Viellenave, President. Jim has more than 38 years of experience in natural resource permitting, development and production, including uranium, phosphate, gold, oil and gas, and industrial minerals. He has been involved in planning and managing mineral exploration and development programs for uranium and gold principally in the U.S. He has implemented environmental permitting programs for drilling, construction, and operation of mining and mineral processing operations, including uranium, phosphate, gold, industrial minerals, and downstream chemical production operations involving zinc, copper, vanadium, nickel, molybdenum, and other metals. He has also conducted environmental due diligence work for minerals and petroleum, and developed and implemented risk management programs for operating facilities.

Leland Huffman, ISR Engineering and Operations Manager. Leland has more than 30 years of experience in the ISR uranium industry, starting at the Crow Butte uranium mine. During his time at Crow Butte, he advanced from pilot plant operator and radiation safety technician to wellfield construction and operations engineer and manager of wellfield restoration operations. He successfully led the restoration of wellfields at Crow Butte and at the Highland Uranium Mine, which was also operated by Power Resources (subsidiary of Cameco). He also co-developed and patented a bioremediation process to improve groundwater restoration. He has extensive experience working closely with regulatory agencies on permitting and operations.

Dan Dowers, Chief Geologist. Dan has 40 years of experience as a geologist in the Rocky Mountain region and is a registered professional geologist in Wyoming and Nebraska. Most of his career has been focused on uranium production, development, and exploration and included work in all of the major Wyoming uranium districts. He was a primary contributor to discoveries of multi-million pound deposits in the Oshoto and Reno Creek areas of the Powder River Basin. While at Rocky Mountain Energy Dan worked on the Nine Mile Lake and Reno Creek pilot ISR projects and specialized in the geology and uranium deposits of the Powder River Basin. He also worked in underground and open pit mines in the Crooks Gap and Gas Hills uranium districts, and directed exploration programs in the Grants Mineral Belt, the Black Hills, the northern Arizona breccia pipe district, and was a prospect generator in many frontier areas.

Josh Warriner, Systems and Data Manager. Josh has over 15 years of experience in the management of large data sets and geographic information systems. In addition he has a strong background in Information Technology, network infrastructure and associated systems. Josh has worked in the uranium industry for the past seven years, prior to that he spent four years in the environmental industry as a database manager. Along with Information Technology, GIS/cartography and database management, Josh has also has skills in areas such as graphic design, sales support and web development.

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