The Reno Creek project is located approximately 10 miles southwest of Wright, WY, adjacent to WY Highway 387 and in close proximity to major infrastructure and power. It is also near other ISR facilities, such as Cameco's producing North Butte satellite facility 15 miles to the northwest and their Smith Ranch/Highland ISR facility 30 miles to the south; and Uranium One’s Willow Creek (formerly called Irigaray/Christiansen Ranch) ISR operation 25 miles to the northwest.

The property is amenable to ISR production, as demonstrated by the successful operation of a pilot plant in the early 1980s. Rocky Mountain Energy, the owner of the project at the time, documented both recovery and restoration feasibility on the project.

The Reno Creek project is regulated by the WDEQ, the NRC, and other state and local agencies. AUC has recently received all of the permits and licenses required to construct and operate the mining and processing facilities.

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Source and Byproduct Materials License, February, 2017
  • Wyoming DEQ/LQD: Permit to Mine, July, 2015
  • Wyoming DEQ/WQD: Aquifer Exemption for ISR Mine, October, 2015
  • Wyoming DEQ/WQD: Class I Deep Disposal Wells, July, 2015

During the baseline testing and evaluation of the Reno Creek Project, the NRC and WDEQ demonstrated that there are:

  • NO Sage Grouse or Threatened or Endangered Species
  • NO cultural resources eligible for the National Registry of Historic Places
  • NO recognized Traditional Cultural Places
  • NO paleontological resources
  • NO surface water resources

The studies further determined that:

  • The Production Zone Aquifer is fully confined by overlying and underlying aquitards
  • There is no hydraulic communication between the production zone and other aquifers
  • Advanced groundwater protection methods will keep drinking water resources safe
  • Efficient design of production will minimize disturbances and the operational footprint
  • AUC will recycle more than 98% of the water used in the process, minimizing water resource consumption
  • Mining and reclamation will be conducted concurrently, minimizing the length of time grazing lands are out of production
  • Lands will be returned to pre-mining uses in a reasonable time frame

Public Comment periods were held three times by WDEQ, and there were no comments from the public.

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